Sunday, May 1

1 MAY 2011

I love you Ieszrinda Melissa . Only you and YOUU ! Haha .im really in love with her .Im falling in love again :) i mean it !Last day its been a great day for us .i miss about yesterday and i miss all about you . im sorry if last evening i make you unhappy with me .Sorry about a text .i just wanna say .im just got you ,no one else in my life .So please trust me Iesz .anyway after this i will take you meet my mum :) i wanna you know that im really serious about us .im not fooling around .i want you take care me .and i take care you . loveyou sayang <3

*She say to me ;-
Awak saya dah sayangkan awak sepenuh hati saya .
awww , Beronok ronok saya dengar bila awak kata mcam itu .

ada lagi :)
I will keep that moment for the rest of my life sayang .im also miss went you blablabla . i can feel your love went you hug me bie :)

That the most beauty words i even hear <3

You smile i smile sayang <3

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