Tuesday, November 29

I Love You Ieszrinda Melissa

I cuma nak you tahu yang i sayang you .i buat macam ni nak you tahu betapa sakit nya hati i .you buat i macam ada tak ada sahaja .i ada perasaan dan hati ,i nak you tahu i sangat rindu you .i takpercaya kan you .i tak kan percaya kan you selagi you tak buat i percaya kan you .Iesz ,kalau you baca blog i ni .i nak you tahu yang i sayang you .i cinta kan you .i tahu i ego .tapii percayalah i sangat sayang kan you .Hope you datang balik dekat i .itu yang i harap sangat sayang .Iloveyou SuperGirl <3

Friday, November 11

11-11-11 *Thinking -,-

Sometimes i thinking about my furture .What will happen to me if i already finish my secondary school .I'm just want a better life .I want get a job ,a job can funds my life .I know i'm not a smart guys ,but i try to make my life gettin' better .I'm just want make my parents proud to me .I want them proud got son like Muhammad Firdaus .Starting right now and this moment ,i just want a best for of my life .I want start study for SPM ,training for be a furture player of liverpool and marry Selena Gomez :D *Thats never will be happen ,TRUST ME ! Hahaha .Beside that ,i want to talk about ( L-O-V-E ) .Sometimes i just wont to love or inlove .Because its very complicated .Sometimes went we in relationship ,we dont want couple .but went we single ,we want in relationship .See ,its very COMPLICATED ! But if you already found the right one girl ,dont leave her . Arghh ,i miss someone .i make a big and very big dig bitch wrong .I left her cause my egois .Till now i still love her ,i never stop to love her .she are my very important person in my life .ahh ,okay kbye ! i cant take it anymore -,-