Wednesday, April 27

Muhammad Firdaus <3

Girl i love you more than anything in this whole world ,you are the reason of my life so beautiful girl .Girl i need you more than air that i breath everyday .i just wanna be the one to love you everyday . Firdaus really want be like that !Iesz only for me ,and i just for you . Im Yours SUPERGIRL ♥ I want you be apart of my life .But you already be apart of my life .If i lost you its mean im lost everything of my life sayang .i want you be my princess and i'll be your prince .and we'll be happy until the end .When the first time that we meet that you would be the one without you in my life i think i'd rather die .

Ieszrinda Melissa <3


i sit here crying , thinking about you ,
why did you leave me here all alone ,
i'm in pain , i cant take it , but there is no one here for me ,
i thoungh you were my angel , with you is like a fairytale , a dream ,
My feelings when im with you , makes my heart feel like i'm in heaven ,
your gave me all your love , you made me only yours , and i still don't undersand ,
why is this happening to me , your words , smile is still in my head , it's not going away , its hurting me , i just dont have the heart , to take it off , it remind me , the first time i'd touch your hand , you asked me to think of you everynight when i go to sleep , i never failed , until now i still think of you , everynight , every second , i though , i only had you , you will be here for me , when i need you , i was wrong , what was i thinking , i cant take you out of my heart ,
ILOVEYOU , i will say it , i can never hate you , whatever you said was right , but what you did to me was wrong , very wrong ,
someday , i have hope in myself , we will be meant just for each other , just you and me ,
i could only smile and pray for the best ,
i love you , you are everyhing to me , i'll never forget what i just said , it will be here reminding me , whatever you did to me , i no that because you love me :')


Ieszrinda Melissa Status ;-
you asked me to think of you everynight when i go to sleep , i never failed , untill now i still think of you :')

Sayangg ,i want you be mine .not for while . FOREVER !

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