Sunday, April 10

Banyak benda yg perlu difikirkann

Cinta ,mabye penting bgi sesetgh orang dan ada yg tidak .but for me ,i dont know . 50%-50% lahh .last day i fikir itu hari yg membosankann , SHE make my day be a great dayy :) you are good friend :) <3 you .nwy i taknak ambil risiko .i dont want to fall in love with her .i just want her be my friend .a very close friend . nwy ,i nak lupa kan my nightmare .i nak lupa kan dia .dia boleh happy ,kenapa tidak i .dia boleh happy tanpa i ,kenapa tidak i .now ,i start a new day of my life .a new breath :D Be strong Muhammaf Firdaus ! you can live without her ! yeahh .

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