Saturday, June 11

im nothing on you anymore right girl ?

You want me to go away from you ? your life ? Okay ,i will go sayang .i'll go far away from you .i go because not means im not love you or what the fucking things .Ieszrinda Melissa ,i love you Girl i love you more than anything in this whole world ,you are the reason of my life so beautiful girl .Girl i need you more than air that i breath everyday .i just wanna be the one to love you everyday .Girl ,i go cause it is not my decision .but its yours decision .Sayang ,i know im not the perfect man you had .im just the teribble guys you ever had .Im sorry cause i says something bads to you .Im sorry if i do wrong to you and sorry if i cant be the best for you .You can't know what you done!No you don't know how I change .I know, I was wrong, I'm sorry that I hurt you.Each human makes a mistakes , right ?Sayang ,i dont want to get through this life by my own .i want you always beside me .Every day every moments every second .I just want say i will miss every moments we had .When you say iloveyou to me ,and every night you says " Good Night Bie " .Urghh i will miss that moments sayang .If i had chance ,i will past back to the furture and try my own best to love and care about you iesz .And i will not repeat my mistake again .

I love you Ieszrinda Melissa <3
Super Girl <3 Buah Hati <3

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